Due to the high cost of running a band program, we ask for your support any way you can, the following are some great ways that you can support the band:

Amazon wish List: Here is a link to our amazon wish list, we have all kinds of items that we could use for the band, and unfortunately we don't have the budget to purchase them all for ourselves. We would greatly appreciate any of the items on this list and we will put them to good use. This list is kept up to date by the Band Director.

Amazon Smile: Aside from formal sponsorship, we also have a Amazon Smile program where you can indirectly support us through your Amazon purchases. Here are some instructions to follow so that you can start supporting us through Amazon.

  1. go to this link

  2. log into your Amazon account

  3. click the "Select" button next to "Meadowcreek Band Boosters Association Club"

  4. Use smile.amazon.com to shop when on a computer if using the mobile app, this step is not required.

    • The Amazon Smile program only works if you use smile.amazon.com to do your shopping, anything bought on the normal Amazon website will not count.

Using Amazon Smile is at no cost to you, meaning the prices are the same as on the regular Amazon site, Amazon simply donates a portion of their profit to the band.

Meadowcreek BBAC Sponsorship Program: We do have a formal sponsorship program for any organizations who want to sponsor us. we are a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization. For more information, please access our Sponsorship page.