Meadowcreek Band 101

The following is a broad overview of the Meadowcreek High School Band Program. We have a large program with diverse offerings for every student enrolled in Meadowcreek High School. When making a decision to join the Meadowcreek Band we ask that new and prospective students familiarize themselves with the program.


These ensembles are the cornerstone of the Meadowcreek High School Band Program. We offer 3 fully instrumented concert bands that meet during the school day and receive academic credit that is applied toward graduation. These ensembles are designed to systematically increase the musical ability of the individual and will perform (as a group) 2 concerts each year consisting of music appropriate for High School Level Performers. These ensembles are:

Beginning Band Learning instruments for the first time. Performs beginner levels of music

Intermediate Band – Performs Level 2 and 3 Music on the Georgia Music Educators Association Music Selection List

Advanced Band – Performs Level 4 and 5 Music on the Georgia Music Educators Association Music Selection List


This is the most visible component of our Band. The Marching Band serves two important functions at Meadowcreek High School. First, we represent the school at multiple functions per year, including all Varsity Football Games, Pep Rallies and several Parades. In addition, the Marching Band prepares an 8 to 10 minute competition show that is performed approximately 15 times a year at football games, competitions and exhibitions. The Marching Band is open to all instrumentalists and students who would like to participate in the colorguard program. The Marching Band season runs from Mid-July to Early November and is an extracurricular activity. All instrumentalists (woodwinds, brass and percussion) should be enrolled in a band class in order to participate in marching band.


Fall Colorguard and Winterguard are extracurricular programs that fall under the umbrella of the Meadowcreek Band Program. These students use dance and choreography in addition to highly specialized equipment like flags, sabres and rifles to create a visual representation of a musical selection or show.

The Fall Colorguard is a unit in the Marching Band. In the field show that the marching band presents, the colorguard is the group that presents the visual side of the show. They will often wear costumes that represent the theme of the show, and will use dance, choreography and specialized equipment (flags, sabres and rifles) to help portray the musical elements in a visual way. Since the colorguard is a unit of the marching band (much like any of the musical instruments), their season will run from Mid-July to Early November. Training Clinics and an Audition Process will be held during the months of April and May.

The Winterguard is a specialization of the Colorguard Program that occurs from November to Early April. The Winterguard program is a program that presents a 2-3 minute show (inside a basketball gym or stadium) set entirely to taped music. The program consists of the same elements as the colorguard, without the accompanying instrumentalists that can be found in the marching band. We currently have only one winterguard. The Winterguard Program is made up of current Meadowcreek Students who were selected following an audition process in November. The winterguards will compete 2-3 times each year, culminating in a performance at the Southern Association for Performance Arts (SAPA).


We believe strongly in promoting student leadership within our program. In the spring, we run a leadership training program designed to give students the tools to serve in leadership roles within our marching band. Following these clinics, students are selected to serve in various leadership positions within the band, and are asked to take on greater responsibility to help us achieve at very high levels. It is our belief that students who go through this process (whether they are selected for leadership or not) are more prepared to face the difficulties that exist once they graduate from Meadowcreek High School.


Outstanding academic success in the classroom is the most important part of a student’s time in high school. Because of this, we routinely assist students who are having trouble in any of their classes. We can accomplish this by getting a student a peer tutor, or by acting as an intermediary between the student and teacher to help determine the academic issue and work to correct the problem.

Many eighth grade parents are concerned that their students need to focus solely on academics and that arts programs like band (and by extension Marching Band) will cause their student to perform poorly academically. We have found that the opposite is true…students who stay in arts programs are more likely to perform better in classes, because they must manage their time and they have the support of their fellow band members and directors! Plus, it has been proven in clinical studies that students who take arts classes routinely perform better on tests such as the SAT and ACT!


Meadowcreek High School operates on a Modified AB schedule.

Under this schedule, each student will take seven classes and an advisement that alternate each Wednesday and Thursday of both semesters of their high school career. This means that each year a student will take seven classes resulting in the possibility of receiving 23 credits at the end of their senior year. Students will have classes that they must take to graduate and a series of electives that they can choose. It is possible to take band every year (which we strongly encourage for proper progress) and still have room for other electives, but there are two important points that students need to know to make this happen:

1. You will have an opportunity to take many different classes, but every incoming student must understand that you can’t take everything your freshman year. If you plan properly, you will have room in your junior and senior years to take electives (and stay in band). But you can’t expect to take every class that interests you the first year because you must take your core classes and get into your language classes. That doesn’t leave much room for extra classes right away!

2. If you fail classes, you will very quickly lose the opportunity to take electives during your junior or senior year. You may even have to drop band in order to make up the failed classes. It is imperative that you pass your classes and stay on track!



Towards the end of the Spring Term you will begin signing up for your elective classes! You will have the option to select “Band” as one of these elective choices. Choose “Band” and you will be registered during the Fall and Spring Semester. If you are given the choice of ranking your electives according to your desire to take the class, put Band as one of the top choices. It’s that easy!


When you register, you will simply sign up for band. Before the end of school, the Meadowcreek Band Directors will begin looking through your Band Director's recommendations. These recommendations will determine what band you will get placed in for the Fall Term. If you prove your abilities in the Fall Term and show to us that you can handle a higher level of music, then there is the possibility of getting promoted to a more advanced ensemble for the Spring Term.