The Meadowcreek High School Band was re-imagined in 2016 with the introduction of Andrew Parsons. Since then, our program has grown to include many things. With the most recent addition to our band being the newly established Winter Guard, est.2019, we are always finding ways to better improve our program and provide to our students a quality Musical Education.

Since 2016, the Meadowcreek Bands has always been growing and improving every year due to the direction of Andrew Parsons. Each year, the band has been finding innovative solutions to tackle issues in the program. As a result of these improvements, the band has won many superiors in both marching contest and in LGPE (Large Group Performance Evaluation).

The Meadowcreek Marching band has also participated in communities parades. Those parades are The City of Lilburn Christmas Parade and The Martin Luther King. Jr parade. Both parades are held each year, and our band always participates to represent Meadowcreek High School.

One big thing that is always talked about in the band is culture. Culture is something that means a lot to the members of the Meadowcreek High School Band Program. That culture is the mindset to always be looking for improvement, to always strive for excellence, and to always give it our all when playing music. The members of the Meadowcreek Band have allowed this culture to develop due to their love and passion for the music that they play. The culture is sure to stick to the program as we continue to grow and prosper in the years to come.

Our history may only be brief, but it is always being written through everything our band does.

"Who are we?"